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Strawberry Season: Jam Making

It's that time of year the sun is shining and the fields are overflowing with Strawberries.  Perhaps you managed to grab some at the farmer's market this weekend (man those babies go fast!) or maybe you've decided to make a trip to a local U-pick farm, either way, what do you do with all of those berries once you've gotten them home? That is if you haven't eaten them all during the car ride. The answer? Make jam of course!  This will be a basic overview of how water bath canning works and how we make our stash of delicious jam for the winter. Please visit  The National Center for Home Food Preservation  and  The Ball/Kerr Website  to get acquainted with canning from a more scientific standpoint. There are also many others out there who teach about food preservation. Locally classes are often held at the  Ithaca Cornell Cooperative Extension  and Marisa at the blog  Food In Jars  is seriously and expert canner (Check out her books on the subject as well. They

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